LYDIA MODEL 模特经纪有限公司

LYDIA MODEL模特经纪有限公司,由一班在时尚工作事业上拥有超过十年以上丰富经验的业内人士组成的专业国际模特儿管理公司,其团队具有丰富的专业素质和客户网络的从业人,LYDIA MODEL的合作伙伴均为国内外著名的时尚摄影师、时尚策划及培训机构、品牌设计师等,一方面致力于积极引进世界各国的优秀商务模特资源,与美加,欧洲,澳洲及亚洲等地的著名模特经纪机构进行模特资源交换和共享。


LYDIA MODEL Model Agency Co., Ltd.​

LYDIA MODEL Model Agency Co., Ltd. is a professional international model management company composed of industry professionals who have more than ten years of experience in fashion and entertainment business. Its team has a wealth of professional qualities and a client network of practitioners. LYDIA MODEL’s partners are well-known fashion photographers, fashion planning and training institutions, and brand designers at home and abroad. On the one hand, they are committed to actively introducing excellent business model resources from all over the world, and cooperate with the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia and Asia. The famous model agency for the exchange and sharing of model resources.​

Our aim: to serve high-quality customers with high-quality models.